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Whether you are taking cross country motorcycle tours, or just a trip down to grandma's house in Florida, traveling across the country can be a big adventure. In my life, I have taken dozens of cross country travel trips, and each one has been different. When I was in college, it was a pretty casual thing. We would clamber into my friend's beaten up old Ford, head out, deciding where we were going on the way there. That was it. looking back on it, it seems foolish. So many things could have gone wrong after all, and we took no precautions in our planning. Yet back then, we felt carefree. Cross country traveling was just a way to unwind from the semester, and we would do it every chance we had.


Nowadays, my cross country travels have become a little bit more sophisticated. You see, I am currently employed as a travel writer, and my cross country road trips give me ample fodder for my books. I was actually inspired to take up this career by a road trip that went wrong. A travel book that we were using seemed to be up to date, but it actually had some bad information. There were whole towns that were listed in the cross country travel guide that in fact didn't exist. This is a problem when you are running low on fuel and you expect one of those towns ahead. After spending the night in the wilderness, camped out in our broken down car on the side of the road, me and my buddy decided we would do everything we could to help stop this from happening to other people. I became a travel writer, he became a state trooper.


Nowadays, cross country travel information is better than ever before. With satellite imaging and Google maps, online travel guides, and all of the other sources of information on the Internet, there are more resources than ever before. Of course, some of these are better than others. In my opinion, the best resources for cross country travel are local guides and printed books. Most cities will have an online website that will provide you with some reliable information about what is there. For their part, the reputable travel guides will give you some good general information about the regions your cross country travel takes you through. It is always best to consult more than one source of information, but what happened to me all those years ago is a rare events nowadays.