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Do you remember when only the elite were able to afford air travel? At this time people dressed up in their Sunday clothes to get on an airplane. This is no longer the case. Air travel is common place and more affordable to more people. There is still the distinction made with first class flyers, but even that has become more casual. The average person, with planning and advanced booking, is able to take a vacation involving air travel on a regular basis.

Many popular destinations, especially those for families, are competing for business. They do this through many different promotions. It is always wise to check if the attraction you are going to has a travel vacation package. Many times people assume that they cannot afford certain accommodations because of their amenities or locations, but hotels and planes want to be filled. Especially in the months of the year where there is less travel many hotels and airlines will offer a great travel vacation package. The people that benefit from this the most are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, those that can book far in advance and those that book at the very last minute. If either of these scenarios fit your situation you will be able to take advantage of the great deals in a travel vacation package. The package often includes your airfare as well as hotel accommodations.   If the package includes free transfers from the airport to the hotel sign up for them however if there is an additional fee per person it is often cheaper and less of a wait to take a taxi from the airport. The first year my girlfriend and I went to Las Vegas together we booked a travel vacation package through a travel agent. We had paid fourteen dollars each for the transfers from the airport to our hotel and back again. We had to wait for forty five minutes for the shuttle that was doing the transfer. We were jammed into a minivan with several over people and then had to go from location to location to drop people off. Later we found out that a cab would have cost twelve dollars. By sharing the cab fare it would have been cheaper and we would not have had to stand around at the airport waiting. Some of the tricks of making travel easier come with doing it more often.

Not all travel vacation packages are deals. It pays to check the booking price of the hotel rooms and the airfare purchased separately against the package price. Also compare midweek to weekend stays. If you are traveling on a budget it is always best to travel during the week.