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Have you ever made assumptions about a person only to find out that you were completely wrong? My mother would constantly tell us too things. One was to only say good things about others and the other was not to make assumptions about people. For her both things were rooted in her spiritual beliefs. As I have gotten older I have understood the wisdom of her advice. So many times I have found that I have misjudged people. If my mother was still alive she would tell me this is because we are not meant to judge people at all.

I was reflecting on this recently because we had a class reunion. I have only kept in contact with one person from high school so when the announcement of a class reunion came out I decided that it might be fun to find out where life had taken people. Along with the announcement of the reunion was a questionnaire that we were asked to fill out and return. The information was going to be compiled and printed out so that we would know what different classmates were doing. It was the thirty year class reunion so most people had aged greatly and were set in their career fields and were talking about retirement. One woman that had partied more than studied in high school and college was at the reunion. She was dressed very well and had expensive looking jewelry on. I went to talk to her and found out that she had a travel nurse job. She said that she had finally gotten her nursing degree after six years of college. She admitted that she partied too much and that is why it took her so long. She had a nursing job in an area hospital and also for a home care agency, but she wanted to have a fresh start away from friends that expected her to continue with the drinking and other high risk behavior that she had been involved with in college. She answered an ad for a travel nurse job several years ago and has continued with this type of work since. She liked the travel nurse job because shse was able to see different parts of the country and she was paid very well. She had held a few different types of positions. Some of the travel nurse jobs had been to respond to emergencies and others had been to help out in markets that had a hard time attracting nurses or where there were not people going into the nursing field. She said that by traveling she did not have to get caught up in the politics that often goes along with working in a hospital setting. Also if she did not like the administration she could leave.

I was surprised with her success. I had assumed she would continue to party and not make it through school. Once again I jumped to the wrong conclusions.