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I used to be absolutely obsessed with my appearance. In general, this wasn't really a problem. You see, I had plenty of free time, and would make sure to get up early enough to get ready for work. I would look great every day, and it made me feel great. Unfortunately, it was a problem when I traveled.

You see, the same clothes that might make you look stunning at home make terrible travel clothing. Travel apparel demands certain sacrifices for those of us who are more formal. For example, if you insist on dressing up every day, it can make things rather difficult. Unless you use wrinkle free travel clothes, you have to pack an iron. Your clothing, no matter how carefully packet, will get wrinkled. You might also have to take it travel garment bag with you to keep things from getting too messed up

More to the point, insisting on dressing well all the time means that you have to bring more clothing for travel than you would otherwise. A casual dresser only has to bring enough outfits to have a new one for each day of the trip, or at least every other day. If you are a snappy dresser, however, you'll need to get two sets of travel clothing: your formal one, and a relaxed one for outdoor activities.

When I was planning my first extended trip to Europe, I decided that enough was enough. This time, I resolved I would be more practical with my travel clothing. I brought one nice outfit in case I wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, but the rest was casual. I have never had such a relaxing vacation before! I packed good outdoor clothing - comfortable, durable, and compact. Rather than my usual three pieces of luggage, I only had to take one! Although I admit that I missed my nice clothes on the trip from time to time, in general I was happy without them. It was certainly worth the increased convenience.

Of course, once I switched to good travel clothing, I had to go a step further. As silly as my expensive clothes were, my fancy luggage was even more ridiculous. I bought myself a hiking backpack to take on all my trips in the future. I don't know why more people don't use them - they are so much more convenient than suitcases. It is liberating to finally understand how to make traveling easy for myself.