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Las vegas strip map

We've all seen the show. It's a big hit now, and it probably has millions of people wanting to hit up the strip. Yeah, you know I'm talking about the one and only "Sin City." Every time I watch the "Las Vegas" TV show, I get anxious for a trip to the crazy desert city. But, then I watch the other series that takes place in Vegas and wonder just how safe it is. "CSI" definitely doesn't depict a fun and relaxing atmosphere. One has to wonder how many crimes take place in this surreal location loaded with night clubs, casinos, bars and fancy restaurants. I guess there's truly only one way to find out. Grab your Las Vegas strip map people; we're headed to Sin City for the weekend.

Las Vegas

If you're like me, you've never actually been to Las Vegas. No biggie, right? You can always hit up the city that never sleeps when you find time. I haven't had the opportunity since I have a young daughter. Being a parent ALWAYS comes first. However, now that she's getting older, I just might have to let her stay with grandma for a weekend, while my wife and I hit the Las Vegas scene. That is the way to do it from what I here. The classic "Strip" is no place for the kids. Not to mention the uninformed. There's no way I'd cruise down to Vegas without a new and improved Las Vegas strip map. I want to know ahead of time where everything is located. This way I can plan-out and know exactly where I'm headed before we arrive in Las Vegas. Makes sense to me anyway. You see, criminals zone in on tourists and folks who have no clue where they're going. It's easy to tell who's who. Outsiders are often dressed very lame and wear fanny packs. Avoid both of these. Furthermore, tourists are constantly glancing down at maps to see where to go. Know your Las Vegas strip map before you make the trip.


Planning a big trip to Vegas? Maybe looking to hit up a few hot-spots and try your luck with the craps table? Sounds like a plan. Just remember that knowing what you're doing and where you're headed is imperative. Pick up a Las Vegas strip map on the web and get familiar with it prior to your getaway. Oh and, be prepared to have the blast of a lifetime. Hey, we've all seen the commercials. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.