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Hungary Travel

Eastern Europe has become a popular tourist destination recently as countries have opened up and made tourism a priority for their economy. The cost of living is less expensive there than in other parts of the West and the region has much to offer. Hungary travel offers cities, mountains, charming villages and beautiful scenery, culture and history.

The country has a good reputation for safety and has a low crime rate. Hungarians still use the Forint as their unit of currency with the Euro being accepted in some places. The cuisine tends to be spicy, especially in the use of paprika. Goulash is the national dish and other favorites include goose liver and pickles. Visitors take home souvenirs of local cheese, wine or smoked sausage. Vegetarians and vegans may find Hungary travel difficult, as there isn't much choice for them. The Hungarian language is not easy to pick up but German is the next most spoken language with English being spoken by many young people.


There are international airports at Budapest, Debrecen and Sarmellek. Budget airlines that go to Budapest are Easy Jet, Sky Europe and Wizzair. There are no regular domestic flights for Hungary travel but everywhere is within easy reach by bus or train.

The capital city of Budapest has many attractions including the Castle and the Royal Palace. Art lovers appreciate the National Gallery and music lovers make a pilgrimage to the fine State Opera House. Tourists like to stroll over the River Danube, on the Chain Bridge or visit the open air museum of Aquincum that dates from Roman times. The capital is a spa town and there are hot springs for relaxing steam baths.

Nyiregyhaza is a town that has a water park and bathhouses. It comes alive every September when the Autumn and Fruit Carnival takes place with free concerts and a parade. Hungary has had a lot of success in building a wine industry, exporting to the rest of the world. The hub of this activity is in the region around the small town of Tokaj, noted for its white wines and in particular, its dessert wines. There are various wine cellars to tour and sample taste. Visitors also like to climb the famous Bald Mountain on their Hungary travel.

Some of the countryside in Hungary is spectacular. Underground is fascinating too and the village of Aggtelek is the site of a five hour trip through the Baradla Cave, a World Heritage site that contains stalagmites and dripstones. Another highlight of Hungary travel is the Lake Balaton, which is the largest lake in Central Europe.