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Albany Western Australia

The scenic coastline of Australia is a favorite destination for tourists and the city of Albany Western Australia is a great base to explore that state.

Plage de l'albany

The city is 408km from Perth and the area's economy thrives on tourism, fishing and farming. There are several beaches around the city, renowned for their unspoilt and clean beauty. The clear, blue water attracts divers and the most popular one is at the nearby suburb of Middleton Beach. The sheltered location is safe and perfect for swimmers and there are numerous hotels there.


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Many people choose to retire in the area, to enjoy the beach life and scenery and the population was over 31,000 at the last census. The Princess Royal Harbor is a deepwater port and is the largest natural harbor in the state. Whaling used to be an important industry in Albany Western Australia up to the 1950s. The Whaling Station, now open to the public as a museum, was the last one in operation in the Southern Hemisphere before it shut down in 1979. The region has made a contribution to the environment by installing the largest wind farm in Australia. It contains twelve turbines and it produces most of the electricity for the city.

The interesting history of the region can be studied at the Albany Museum. Located next to the harbor, there are exhibits of local artifacts and displays trace the influx of the settlers, convicts and explorers to the region. The flora and fauna of the area, often unique to Albany Western Australia and the surrounding region, is also celebrated. Convicts played their part in the settlements and the old Convict Gaol is now a museum after being restored. It was built in 1852 and visitors can see men's and women's prison cells and the living quarters of the wardens. The museum gives information on some of the notorious inmates and their fate. There is a Great Hall, which is used for private functions today.

The city also boasts the oldest house in the state, a popular tourist attraction. Patrick Taylor Cottage is a very attractive home with eleven rooms and a structure made from wattle and daub. It was built around 1832 and the property includes a sewing room, parlor, nursery and English cottage garden. The house displays objects from different time periods and gives an insight into the lives of its occupants. It is a valuable resource for those interested in the social history of Albany Western Australia and similar communities.