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New York City travel adventure

New York City travel is an adventure – both in a good way and in a bad way. Ask two natives about travel in New York City and you will get at least three answers. Everyone has their ideal sites. Some people think that you should go see all of the big tourist stuff – Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Broadway – while some people believe in a more intimate tour of New York. Before you plan your vacation in New York, you should think about what appeals to you. What kind of New York City traveler are you?

New york city travel


I definitely think that you shouldn't do any New York City travel without hitting the big sites. Any travel agency that specializes in New York vacations will tell you this much. Even if you're not generally drawn to spectacles, they are still worth checking out. Otherwise, why are you in New York? Nevertheless, my best memories of New York City travel vacations are when I let myself wander around. I would walk all around Midtown, then cruise up north for a spell. No matter where you end up, you can always take public transit back, so as long as it is during the day you can feel free to walk anywhere in New York.

Of course, the best season for New York City travel is the spring. In the summer, it can get very hot. In the winter it is shockingly cold. During springtime, however, New York is one of the most beautiful places there is. New York City travel during the spring gives you a chance to appreciate all of the outdoor sites. You can really appreciate life. There will be performers in Central Park, lovers out for romantic evenings, and all of the rest of springtime city life.

Of course, no matter what time of year you are traveling in New York City, you should be sure to get a good tour book. A lot of people eschew a tour book when they are on New York City travel. They know that a tour book will make them look like tourists, and no one wants to look like a tourist in New York. Even so, a tour book is almost essential for New York City travel. You see, you can find the big sites by yourself, but only a tour book will tell you about the small cultural venues that you have to see. You should take in some nightclubs and a few independent plays while you are in New York City. A tour book will tell you where to go.